Everything we install is done so within the guidelines of the manufacturer. Our technicians are continuously educated by the manufacturers for proper service and installation procedures. Each field employee undergoes ongoing safety training in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our minimum warranty coverage is one-year on anything we install. In many cases, we extend this to two years and perform ongoing maintenance. Proper equipment selections, a well-planned installation and a comprehensive start-up are essential. We proudly stand behind our installations and service repairs. Things happen, parts fail and people make mistakes—we have found it is best practice to simply own up to the issue and rectify the problem in a timely manner. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the client will remember your response more than the issue itself—we guarantee you will remember us fondly.

We prevent unexpected disasters to give you peace of mind.

Kirwan Mechanical Service is not an enormous servicer, and that’s by design. By focusing on quality over quantity, we are able to hone in on your individual needs, personalize your service and assist with long term planning. We have been in the business since 1981, building trust and an expectation of excellence with all of our clients. Experienced with large buildings, Kirwan delivers top-notch service and problem solving to provide you with a complete solution across multiple tradecrafts. Resonate with you? Fill out the contact form and we will be in touch soon.

Commercial HVAC Service

We offer mechanical services to a multitude of buildings, applications and industries, including industrial manufacturing plants, multi-family, multi-story, vertical buildings, municipal wastewater, hospitals, governmental, schools and more. We respond 24/7!

Commercial Hydronic Systems

Our team can solve problems and provide needed service to piping systems that carry water, glycol, and Thermanol. We can help with system balancing, historical performance analysis and routine maintenance. Chemical treatments, flow monitoring and system sediment removal are common services that we offer.

Temperature Control Service, Installation & Upgrades

Most buildings with multiple systems will require a means to monitor, adjust and receive notifications as needed. We can service existing systems from multiple manufacturers, as well as offer new design concepts and installations. We specialize in creating user interfaces that the end user can understand and properly control without continuously overriding points. Since we know energy savings are often the driving factor in the design of these systems, we can help utilize your BAS to the fullest capability.

Industrial Boiler, Chiller and Pump Service

The primary equipment in a large application typically consumes immense amounts of natural gas, power, and water. As these systems age and become fouled, the consumption will most likely increase. We can help keep the primary equipment operating as it was intended, through boiler and chiller tube descaling, hydro-brushing and flow readings. For the more demanding applications, we offer cooling tower media, fill cleaning, and basin maintenance. Pump vibration testing and laser alignments can also help avoid costly down time.

Gas & Oil Burner Service and Sales

Many large hydronic and steam boilers are outfitted with powered burners. Over the past 15 years, the technology involved in burner combustion has changed quite a bit. The newest burners are offered with linkageless controls, O2 trim and flue gas recirculation to increase fuel efficiently and control the stack emissions. Our technicians are trained and experienced in Siemens LMV3 and LMV5 system upgrades, and can offer ongoing combustion testing, user training, and troubleshooting. We have also worked with customers to retrofit existing burners to linkageless control, and can support integration for turning most burner control systems into a BAS.

Natural Gas Booster Service

Natural gas boosters are an integral component to any gas-fired application with low pressure gas supply. If the boosters are not working, the boilers will not be working. Since gas boosters can easily be forgotten in many buildings, we offer on-site testing and inspection as well as off-season rebuilding and rewinding. In the event of an emergency failure, we have temporary gas boosters for rent.

Steam and Condensate Service

We routinely service heating and process steam systems. Along with the required support equipment, we service low pressure, high pressure and vacuum systems along with deaeration tanks, boiler feed tanks, condensate return stations, steam traps and spargers. We offer ultrasonic steam trap testing surveys, trap rebuilding and system troubleshooting.

Equipment Refurbishment Projects

Refurbishments can add 10-years of life to a unit or more, while offering a solution that is quicker and less expensive. Many large primary pieces of equipment may be good candidates for a refurbishment: in the proper scenario, components can be replaced, repaired, cleaned, aligned, balanced and/or coated. Motors can be replaced, and we can add VFDs, controls and actuated valves. We have refurbished boilers, chillers, air handlers and cooling towers as well as ongoing maintenance and a warranty on our work.

Turn-Key Replacements

Complex replacements typically require multiple trades to be involved. Rigging, piping, ducting, power, controls, cartage, demolition and insulation are the typical trades on a complex mechanical installation. We offer comprehensive turn-key replacement services and coordinate multiple trades, provide scheduling, accounting and communication with the client. Budgeting, planning and value engineering are all part of our turn-key solution.